Friday, November 16, 2007

November's BJP Progress In Spite of No Nails!!!

OK...even tho' I had no fingernails, & had to use my tweezer thingy, I did make some progress. Here I first added a row of black all around with long bugles around her head. As I added more colors, she kinda started to remind me of Guadalupe, or a goddess...the more I worked on her, the more she seemed to shine!

There's just a little goddess has a big old hole in her head! Not sure what I'm gonna do about it, but have some ideas brewing.

So here's a couple of pics of her so far.

In spite of the nail issue, I am really loving her!


vivage said...

Love it, love the pieces and LOL, having a hole in the head of a piece makes me crazy sometimes.

Sometimes I leave it, sometimes I bead a bezel around it.

I laughed out loud about losing your fingernails, I have long ones too and when they break it takes days for me to get used to having bald fingertips.

CC said...

Ha! Vivage! I barely got it posted & there you were with some words of comfort! :) And I love the term "bald fingertips"! That's great!
Warmest aloha!

abeadlady said...

It's looking wonderful! Not a clue what to do about the hole though. LOL.
I have that same piece and haven't figured out what to do with her yet. I fell in love with her faces several years ago.


madness said...

Love this piece.... love the goddess, hole in the head or not! can't wait to see her done...

Acey said...

I see the guadalupe similarities! Am using a guadalupe milagro as a focal point this month, too.

freebird said...

If the hole goes all the way through you could use it to attach a crown of ? onto her head. It really looks nice so far. And it's kind of neat to know her background is a hidden turkey tail!

KV said...

This is looking terrific, CC! Bet you find something wonderful for those holes. But even if you don't, she will be beautiful.

Kathy V in NM

Sacredartist said...

Very Nice!