Friday, November 16, 2007

Suspense Movies

Does anyone know what this is?

Well, I got it years ago when I was doing off-loom beading & stringing alot. It's some kind of bead tweezer grabber thingy. But this week it's called "Fingernails"! Why? Well, DH & I watched a suspenseful movie he hadn't seen before. And I really don't like to watch them, but did. And, you guessed it, I bit ALL my fingernails off! Try picking up a needle or a bead without fingernails!!!
Luckily I do grow nails back quickly, but progress was a little slow this week on some projects!


JoTee said...

oh sweetie that is not fun when you bite all those finger nails off...did you start biting Ron's toe's when you ran out of fingernails??? I don't like the scary stuff either....yuck the cat nails don't taste good either!!! :-)

freebird said...

I don't need scary movies- any TV at all and I start in. Usually it's during the news that I start in on my nails. I wish I could break the habit as you are so right, it's really hard to pick up needles and beads!