Friday, November 23, 2007

November BJP Finished

Well, I wasn't sure if she was finished or not...but as I looked at her, I felt she really was complete.

At the top & bottom of this focal piece, it felt messy, unfinished, open. Then I realized that it was exactly what I wanted her to be...ascending, breaking barriers, & opening up! I love her!

I had to show her on a white background so you could see the edges. But I'm learning more about photographing pieces, editing & what I really like to show. I don't necessarily like this piece on white as much as I do on black, or a neutral color. But for the sake of detail, she'll remain this way.

And, about that hole in her head, well, I figured it out. I like what I finally decided to do with it!

For some reason, this piece really says more about me, & this month, than any of the others I've done to date. Not sure if it's using one of my favorite pieces as a focal point, the colors, the theme, or that I just didn't have any question on what to do! Finally, huh? ;) It really was a freeing piece of work!

A Sneak Preview here's a sneak preview of some things I've been moodling'll see them, & more, finished, maybe after the first of the year! :)

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007

November's BJP Progress In Spite of No Nails!!!

OK...even tho' I had no fingernails, & had to use my tweezer thingy, I did make some progress. Here I first added a row of black all around with long bugles around her head. As I added more colors, she kinda started to remind me of Guadalupe, or a goddess...the more I worked on her, the more she seemed to shine!

There's just a little goddess has a big old hole in her head! Not sure what I'm gonna do about it, but have some ideas brewing.

So here's a couple of pics of her so far.

In spite of the nail issue, I am really loving her!

Suspense Movies

Does anyone know what this is?

Well, I got it years ago when I was doing off-loom beading & stringing alot. It's some kind of bead tweezer grabber thingy. But this week it's called "Fingernails"! Why? Well, DH & I watched a suspenseful movie he hadn't seen before. And I really don't like to watch them, but did. And, you guessed it, I bit ALL my fingernails off! Try picking up a needle or a bead without fingernails!!!
Luckily I do grow nails back quickly, but progress was a little slow this week on some projects!

Friday, November 9, 2007

November BJP...a week later!

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

Lots of stuff going on with family & friends, so haven't had time to post in 2 weeks! Yikes! And then there's the making of Christmas presents. And then, my camera decided it wanted to go back to 8-2006! Go figure! Mercury is 'sposed to be out of retrograde by now! Ha! ;)
So, here's where I'm at. I decided to go with a symbol of the turkey's tail feathers...Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, spices & all that. So I made a template & cut it out.

Then decided I didn't want to try to adhere fabric to all those round edges, so I painted the Timtex an orangeish gold color.

Then I needed to decide on a focal bead. I had this beautiful Native American Woman porcelain piece by Laura Mears...should I use it? Ya know how you hoard those things you love? And you don't want to let them go? Wonder why that is? Anyway, I put her on the Timtex & she fit just right!

So now I'm just deciding on the colors & beads I'd like to use with's some I'm trying...

I sure wish I could show more of the other things I'm doing now, but can't let anyone see what the elves are working on! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And Happy Veteran's Day to all you vets...that includes you, DH! :)