Monday, September 15, 2008

September BJP Done

Off and running with the new BJP! I've described in a previous post what I'll be doing for the year, so here I'll just describe the first month's rune. It's called Romance & was the perfect one to start the project off! It is about beginnings, the leaping dance of creation, to "spark" a new relationship or new phase, surge of lends strength & passion to works-in-progress and projects just beginning. It's time to embrace this new direction that is somehow related to your innermost passions! How perfect is that???
I've also decided to use one of the traditional birthstone colors as the main background color. In this case it's Sapphire. I used a complimentary color for the symbol. During this year I will try to use as close to the true color as I can, but will have to improvise in some cases since I'm using the beads that I have. So hopefully they will give the essence of the color...which is really hard to tell on a computer screen anyway! But this is for me, so I know what it looks like in hand.
I'm also keeping track of the color/type of bead used so that when I'm done, I will know how light affects each one.

Here's a couple pics in progress:

And here's the finished Rune:
I sure wish it would show up as it truly is!!! Ah, well!

Elf Extraordinaire!

Gotta get going! Got alot to make for the holidays!!! Who knows who will get what! :) But holiday colors are starting to show up all around the house in different projects!
Also, in case anyone was wondering what the difference is in Delicas & regular seed beads, well here's a pic of 2 pieces. The one on the left is 25 Delicas high & 25 Delicas wide. The one on the right is 25 seed beads high & 25 seed beads wide. That's 625 beads in each one...if I did my math right! ;) Someone might want to check! LOL!
The pattern on the right is the finished pocket top I adapted from my Grandma's old filet crochet pattern.

Mom's Surprise Birthday! mom had a special birthday coming up (I won't say which one!), & we hadn't seen each other in years!!! My new monitor has a webcam built in, & my niece had a laptop with one built in. So I told my niece about Skype & she got set up so we could surprise my mom! She had no clue.
You can see her here walking in...I snapped this picture from my computer in Kaua'i!
Then my niece brought her over to see something on the computer:
Here she sees it's ME!!!
There go the Italian hands explaining everything! ;)
And there's my mom wishing she could hug the computer!!!
This really makes me think of my Grandma & her arranged marriage back in Italy. She had to come to the states even tho' she didn't want to. She never got to see her family back there again. When I went to Europe as a young person, I brought her back a picture so that she could see her sister who she hadn't seen since she was young! She cried & kissed the picture! Just like my mom wanted to hug the computer. We've come along way, but we still need touch-avision! And smell-avision, so I could smell the wonderful Italian food my niece made for everyone!
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Helpful Hints

OK...last time I posted back around Labor Day, I promised more Helpful Hints! Well, it's taken me awhile to get back to posting, so decided I'd add more than just one! You may already know all of these, but they sure helped me along the way. I hope they can help someone out there!

First, a thimble makes a great bead scoop! Who knew?

Second, I keep my leftover beads in a jar & use them in my beaded zen bracelets. I have all sorts of jars from tiny condiment size for Delicas, to larger crystal cruets that sparkle in the sun!

This next one I think I remember getting out of an old bead magazine. It has to be at least 15 years old 'cuz I don't think I've worn lipstick much in that time! The lipstick case is just the right size to hold bobbins of beading thread. Where the mirror is, some people would put a magnet to hold their needles. I left the mirror where it was & just used some foamy stuff to hold my needles. This is good for travelling to go with your tins if you need different color threads.

And last, but not least, I don't like counting, so am always trying to figure out an easier way to follow the charts I make. Here I used a bit of double stick tape to hold a copy of the pattern down to the tin's lid, then I cut a piece of strip magnet to hold my place on the chart. This works great for small patterns like my Pockets. I left the release paper on it so it wouldn't grab my needle or scissors when I travel. (Note: the pattern I'm working on here is one I adapted from a piece of old filet crochet that my Italian Grandma did long ago!)

Hope a hint or two helps you!
Warmest aloha!

Face Pin Swap

Here's a face pin I'm working on for a's a swap I've wanted to do for 2 years & finally managed to figure it all out! Now I just have to get it done & mailed! You can read about it here & also see the previous years' pins! Lots of talent out there!

Pocket Tops

I've made Prayer/Amulet Pouches for years...some were off loom beaded & some were knotless netting. But they were always worn as a necklace or pin. This time I've decided to make some pockets. These won't be worn, but can be set on a desk, your home altar or bedside, to hold a special prayer, wish, dream, or....? I'll post some pics once they're attached to their bases. But for me, it's easier to work one part at a time & then do the assembly. So here's some of the tops! These are all off-loom beaded one bead at a time. Here's a pic of how it's done:

Pals Visit From the Mainland

It's been a fun summer! Not only did my family come to visit, but some good pals from the mainland came also! Here they are with me in the middle, & that's their "little" boy standing up on the beach. He & his pal made the biggest sand castle! He takes after his dad who is an incredible builder! And that gorgeous woman? Well, she's my soul sister & former aerobics instructor! I love them all, and miss them, so much!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Well, I just deleted my Beachcomber's Cuff Bracelet from my etsy shop! Do you remember it? Here's a couple pics:
A pal of mine saw it & asked me to reserve it! So I did! It's waiting here for him to pick up! So if anyone wants anything similar, you'll have to contact me by email as I'm letting my listings run out on etsy! New directions and new fun OOAK designs!!!