Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival

So, while we're waiting for all the paperwork & inspections to get finished, we decided to see a few things that were happening around here. One was the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival that was held in this tent. It's a 3 story high tent! It had lots of painters, potters, glass workers, stone carvers, wood carvers & even one person with an Oshibana booth! They came from so many states! Lots of pretty stuff inside, so we got lots of ideas. And even tried some free range goat cheese that was so yummy! Gonna love this place!


JoTee said...

okay so where is the Rio Grande festival? & what is an "Oshibani"?
Terry's been to Japan & he didn't know.
Am thrilled that you are enjoying some of the fun happenings in New Mexico.
Once you get settled in your new place you won't have the time for a while.

CC said...

Hi, Sis Jo!
The Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival is out by the ABQ Balloon fiesta. They have 2 other festivals during the year, but at a different venue.
Oshibana is the art of decorating items with dried flowers. We learned it from a Japanese pal in Kaua'i, & donated laminated bookmarks to the KNHM. Some were pretty, but we did some funny ones too...Ron liked to make bugs! :)