Monday, March 8, 2010

Oneness Project

Well, I thought I was well on my way with January's piece, but the paint I used on the canvas panel just wasn't cutting it. So until I could get to the store for a REAL violet color, I worked on the rest of the project. Each piece will have a stitched focal point on the painted canvas. So next I cut out the Timtex to use as my stitching surface.

Then I found a fabric that was kinda violet & used Wonder Under to glue it down to the Timtex. All you have to do is heat it up a bit with your iron & it sticks.

Next came more gathering of materials to use on the focal point. I want alot of texture, so I have beads, sequins, floss, yarn, etc ready to go! On the right you can see I'm also prepping the canvas for February's piece. It is a Royal Fuchsia.

Below you can see I've started work on the focal point & am deciding how I will place the vintage item on the piece. It truly will be a piece about Oneness since I'm using items from around the world! I have sequins from Malaysia, beads from China, Japan, & some Czech, paint from France, as well as floss, fabric from Hawaii, etc. (Also note the better color for violet!)
And even as I work on January's piece, I start collecting items to use for February's piece!


JoTee said...

Oneness sounds delightful, love the colors that you have chosen.

CC said...

Thanks sweetie! It is a fun idea. But I didn't choose the colors. My pal in Hawaii did. We hope to make a book out of all our work at the end of the year!