Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise in the Mail!

Look what came in the mail?!!!! My dear pal in Malaysia knows how much I love owls & ordered this darling couple for our housewarming! Aren't they the sweetest?!!! I love them so much! You can check out her greeting card site here. She also does beadwork & bookmarks. She has way more patience than I do! But I love her work...and I love her! Thank you, sweetie, from both of us!


Azlina Abdul said...

hehehe! The owls look so cute on the fridge! So happy that they are in good hands! ;)

Love ya too!!

JoTee said...

Way toooo cute. love the colors.

CC said...

Aren't they the best??? Thanks again so much, sweetie! OH, and I love the fan too, but don't have a pic yet! Ack! Soon I hope!
Love you!

CC said...

I know JO...I have to check out on Lin's blog & see where she got 'em. I may have to order some other things she has!
The colors Lin knows we love! She's very thoughtful!

Kitten said...

Howdy CC...and Ron, too! LOVE these little owls & all your updates on what you guys have been up to. I'll write's been a tough fall/winter for me here. I finally started a blog, too...actually 2 of them...stop by & visit sometime.

CC said...

Hi, Kitten!
Sorry I'm just getting to this, but alot has happened since we moved!! Not only has my DH had a bunch of dental issues, but I flew to Washington state to see my great nephew born...missed it by 15 minutes!!! Arg!
I hope you are doing ok!