Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long Time no see me! :)

Hi, all! Sorry you haven't heard from me alot, but it's been a busy summer so far!  Some good pals from Kaua'i came to visit me, then some pals from Texas...and next come some friends from Washington state!  It's been fun, but a little tiring for me.  I'm going thru' some medical tests to find out what's wrong with me.  I haven't had any creative energy lately, & the docs are trying to figure it all out.  Just know I love you all & think of you often!  (When I'm not sleeping the day away!)  I hope they figure it out soon as I have so many ideas of creative things to make!  Above you'll see some of my pals from Kaua'i.  I was so grateful that they came & blessed our home with their presence.  Please be patient with my tests!  I hope I'll be back to my old self soon!


Robin said...

You'll be back to your regular, creative self in no time, CC! But it is true I've missed you a lot. Maybe you could think about baby steps... not try to catch up, not try to make anything big... just a little project that will prime the pump... then post it and feel the support from your blogger friends!

Love n hugs, Robin A.

JoTee said...

Hoping that you will be feeling better soon & that the doctors get it all figured out.
Love You

Pegnard said...

CC,I hope you're feeling better and figuring it out. I'm on the road in Maine (!) - soon back to beautiful Kauai.

matilda said...

ciao CC, come stai?
tutto bene?
sappi che c'è sempre un pensiero per te da questa altra parte del mondo.
ti abbraccio, matilda

hello CC, how are you? all good? you must know that other part of the world is always a thought for you from me. I embrace to you, matilda

Pegnard said...

CC, are you OK? Sending you a rainbow from sweet Kauai.