Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Always during the holidays!

We were just getting ready to put up some Halloween decor
when a pipe in our hot water heater burst!
Here's a pic of the tiny hole that caused so much damage:
That little pinhole caused a bunch of water damage, so the repairmen had to come out & soak up water, dry the drywall, cut through & repair the drywall that was ruined, then paint the whole side wall in our living room/dining room.  Here's some pics of the mess:

Everything had to be moved away from the right wall 'cuz they had to paint it & the wall that faces the garage. 
Thank heaven it's all done & looks like new!


Lee & Sandra said...

Wow, what a mess!! Sorry to hear about the hassle/expense. I hope it all got repaired and all is good. Oh, BTW, I love that view of the Sandias out your sliding glass door. I do miss Abq at times. Don't get me wrong, the PNW is a gorgeous place, but I miss the open sky of NM. Lot's of love to you guys from our end!!

CC said...

I know! But now you'd never know it happened! Amazing.
Glad you got to see the Sandias. The open sky is one thing I really love about here. I remember going from Seattle to Eastern WA, & I loved it when we got over the mountains & saw all that sky! Beautiful!
Love you guys too!