Friday, June 17, 2011

ATC practice doodled/tangled Hearts

I've written before about doodling and Zentangle or tangling.  It's so relaxing.  Recently I did 3 practice ATC heart doodles/tangles in my moleskine. 
You can find more about Zentangle here.  I've been inspired by some tangles here.
Here's a pic of the latest...and sorry about the blurry scan.  Need to remember to press down at the bend!
I've added a hint of shading and color to these.

We were RAAKed!

In case you don't know RAAK is a Random Act of Art Kindness!
We just recently received a whole bag of
wonderful yarns from a pal in WA state!
Most are wool, or wool blend...even some mohair!
Here's my DH on the floor trying to get them all organized:
Get ready to see some loom work or crochet or felting or...!
Thanks pal!!!

New Chili Lights on our Patio

This last summer a pal bought us some chili lights.  And we just got them up now!
Here is a picture of my DH with the lights:
And here are the chili lights and one of our tiki torches
and one of our hummingbird feeders:
Now he's also added white & blue lights to get ready for the 4th of July!

Needlework Owl Sewing Kit to my Sister

Many years ago I saw an owl needle case online.  I liked the idea & kept it in my idea book.  Now, years later, I wanted to make one for my sister's big birthday since our Italian family Lare is an owl, but I couldn't remember who to attribute my inspiration to.  I remember it was just a couple pictures, but had no tutorial with it.  If you recognise something similar to this, let me know & I will give you credit. I had no idea how to start, so I decided to ask my DH to draft a pattern up for me.  And he did!  Not only a pattern but instructions!  It's wonderful to have a co-creator as a life partner!  And I hope our Owl Lare continues to protect my sister.
Here follows a tutorial for the one I made which was much larger than the one I saw online & used very different materials.
1.  Get DH to draft the pattern for you!
2. Cut out the pattern pieces.
3.Set out where pieces will go.
4.  Cut out lining pocket and felt.
5.  Sew owl body to cover.
6.  Sew owl body parts to cover.
7.  Sew branch and leaves to cover.
8.  Owl sewn to cover.
9.  Sew wing closure, felt and pocket.
10.  Sew gusset pocket to lining.
11.  Add snap to wing.
12.  Add snap to body.
13.  Blanket stitch lining to cover.
14.  Here's the finished lining full of useful items...including a band aid!
15.  Here's the snapped & finished cover.
16.  Here it is RTG with a card made by my pal Azlina.
You can see her site here.  If the link doesn't work,
try:  Seems to be having some
problems today.  Maybe 'cuz of all my updates!
My sister liked her sewing kit.  It may come in handy this summer
since her daughter is getting married!

Smoke from the Arizona wild fire

There are so many wild fires going on here in the SW.
There is a major one in the state of Arizona which is just west of us.
It gets so smoky here in the afternoon that
you can't even see the Sandia Mountains!

Needlefelted egg off to Matilda!

Used my first new business card to send the needlefelted egg
off to Matilda who won the Blogoversary draw.
Hope she likes it!

New Business Card

I've been thinking for awhile now about making new business cards
just for the creations I make as a different side of Huckleberry Hut. 
Something that would showthat I'm a multimedia artist.
  I had a dream about this one so I decided to try it out.
Here's the front with watercolor, ink & fibers.
On the back I can write how much information I want to give out.
I know it seems like too much work, but it's fun!