Friday, June 17, 2011

ATC practice doodled/tangled Hearts

I've written before about doodling and Zentangle or tangling.  It's so relaxing.  Recently I did 3 practice ATC heart doodles/tangles in my moleskine. 
You can find more about Zentangle here.  I've been inspired by some tangles here.
Here's a pic of the latest...and sorry about the blurry scan.  Need to remember to press down at the bend!
I've added a hint of shading and color to these.


Just Me Jody said...

ah so very interesting, you gave me some idea's....can't wait to Zentangle with you...hugs Jo

Jody said...

I love your Zentangles! :)
Oh and I am thinking of working on another blog....stay tuned!

CC said...

Hey, Sis! Another blog? Keep me in the loop!
Ciao, bella!