Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Time No See! :)

As you'll see, we've been busy here in NM!!!  So sorry for the delay in posting!  Hope you all are well!  
The first thing I want to show is another needlecase I made for a pal on Kaua'i.  This came from Martha Stewart's site/craft section:
1.  Cut all pattern pieces and gather materials
2.  Cut and iron all pieces
3.  Stitch all layers together
4.  Start stitching buttons to one layer
5.  Buttons stitched to one page
6.  Gather other materials to add to case
7.  Add more buttons
8.  Add needles and pins
9.  Add safety pins and invisible thread
10.  Add colored thread and a bandaid
11.  Finished needlecase
Happy Belated Birthday, Pal!

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