Monday, August 8, 2011

Flaming Muse Workshop

So while our kitchen is being restored to it's beautiful self, I decided to take an online creativity workshop.  It's pretty intensive, deep and fun!  I'm in my last week now, just as the kitchen is getting finished!  We had videos to watch & assignments to do.  I'm just gonna show some of the assignments without explanation.  It would take too long to go over 3 weeks' lessons!  :)
This is my bliss board:
This is my Irrelevant sign
This is my permission slip
This is my MORE page
And this is called The Magic Circle.
It's by John William Waterhouse & really inspired some of my magic work!


Just Me Jody said...

These turned out great!! I also like the photo's they show up really well on the blog, :)

CC said...

Oh, good! I'm trying to get better at my photos. Thanks!