Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Kitchen Leak I've been talking about out kitchen having to be restored.  Here's why.  Ron noticed a dripping outside next to the house under our hose.  He thought it was the hose & moved it, but it remained.  So we called out the NM Leak Detection people.  They pried open under our cabinets & a storm of mold came flying out!!!  They, the plumber & the restorers have all been working on this.  We had to get down to what the cause was before our insurance would even consider covering us.  So the counter tops, cabs, sink, etc. were all ripped out.  There was so much water, mold & wet wood (including the framing!) under there that we had a dehumidifier living with us for 11 days.  We ended up calling him R2D2.  Finally one of the restorers said it was dry enough for the plumber to come & try to find the leak.  She & Ron did a simple water test & found a hole had been drilled into a pipe, filled & covered with duct tape!  It had passed the water inspection, but over time the hot water from the sink, dishwasher, & our upstairs shower, loosened it all up.  So since it was what some people call "sabotage", & happened 7 years ago, our insurance wouldn't cover us.  They would only cover from the time we bought coverage with them.  ACK!!!  So today the restorers are back trying to put it all together.  Ron bought a cabinet that sorta matched & they're trying to make it work with some leftover pieces.  Here are some pics:
This is 7 years of wetness & mold under our cabinets.
This is R2D2 - the dehumidifier that ran 24/7 for 11 days!
Here is the hole that had been drilled into a pipe.
It was hidden behind another pipe!
Here is Ron putting in a screwdriver to measure the size of the drilled hole.
This has been a major mess!!!  
Trying to cook & wash dishes without a sink has been crazy!
Our dining room table is covered with tubs & a drying rack.
And the noise from R2D2 was really tiring.
I can't wait to get it all back together!!!

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