Monday, August 8, 2011

House Pouch

Before the restorers came today, I wanted to bless our house.  So yesterday I smudged the whole thing!  Every nook and cranny!  And I made the house a pouch.  I made sure it was placed in the wall of the house before the insulation was put in.  Here's the process:
1.  Make a knotless netting pouch.
2.  Add a cord and beads.
3.  Choose crystals, stones, charms & write wishes.
4.  Add gifts to pouch.
5.  Tie pouch tightly.
6.  Leave in framing before insulation is put in.
Then just make sure the restorers really leave it there!
I hope our home feels loved and happy now!


Just Me Jody said...

I know for sure your house is "now blessed and ever so happy" the owie's been fixed!!

CC said...

I know! I think the restorers kinda wondered about me! Ha! LOL!