Monday, August 8, 2011

My niece's bridal shower gift!!!

So I wasn't able to get to WA state for her shower.  I was really sad!  But I wanted to make her a special OOAK gift.  I decided to make her a small beaded purse for her to keep her honeymoon key and an emergency $100.00 in...everyone needs to have an emergency $100.00.  Her wedding isn't until the end of the month, so told her to start saving!  Or maybe, as a "bursa", she'll get some money at the wedding.  Anyway, I forgot to take the final shots of it before I mailed it!  So all I have to show you are process shots until my family sends me shots from the shower!  
Here we go:
1.  Bead front and back of the purse and pin in the lining.
2.  This is the lining on the inside ready to sew.
3.  This is the lining sewn in.
4.  This is edging the thick part of the purse.
5. This is putting the picot edging around the open top.
I'll add the finished photo when I get it from my family.
See?  I told you we've been busy!  :)