Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creation Vacation!!

So, what have I been working on for 3 months?  Besides the other stuff you'll see on my blog, I've been making a book bag for a pal of mine.  (Actually it started as a cover but it morphed into a bag!)  It was her birthday, she retired & is travelling to Artfest in WA state.  So I hope she can use it.  And I hope she likes it!  Here's some pics of the process:
Baste & stuff block
Make a rolled edge around block
Randomly quilt block

Stitch blocks together
Deciding where to put blocks
Stitching on the hemp strap DH made for me
Strap & bag stitched closed
Latch hooking around base of strap
Adding a special shell from Kaua'i
Getting journal & card ready to go in bag
Finished front of bag
Finished back of bag
This bag is special to me & I hope to my pal.  All the blocks are made from fabrics we traded with each other.  So there's a little bit of both of us in this.  Plus the special loomed hemp strap my DH did and one block that another pal wanted to include.  
I had sworn I'd never make another quilted purse or cover, but then I saw this process in various books I have as well as on Teesha Moore's site.  You can see more of her site here.  This is the last year she will be at Artfest.  I also used other ideas from the books I had.  But I think this may be the last one I make!!!!!  They are very time consuming, but this is filled with lots of love!  Even if it's wonky!


Jody said...

I love the photo's of Ron and all the creative things that he has made, bravo Ron!!! you are so a very colorful fella.
The gift for your pal is very unique and for sure will be well received. The work, the stitches are so creative, colors, fabric, design, there is a lot there that unless you really pay attention one doesn't know, but I do, for I am now on the same path, I love the creative path, for you never know where it will take you or how you will feel,....but the end result is the best :-) smiles make it so real, so very real and so very warm hearted...bless you both for being in our lives...we loveyou both...hugs

Just Me Jody said...

I wanted to add more words about the "quilted bag"...Presently I am working on one and am amazed at the work, creative process and the feeling when one is making these little squares. & yes they r time consuming, but the end result is what I am impatiently waiting to see. <3
Did u wait till the end to sew these all together ? Am amazed to see how they shrink down when you quilt them, all the poof just goes poof and away...but there is still thickness there with the squares.
Another ? Any favorite sites to share for "floss" I need more colors. Am hoping to start joining the squares today, so wish me luck with the progress. Love & Hugs

CC said...

Hi, Jody! I'm glad you like all our creative stuff! I love the creative path too!
Am so glad you 2 are in our lives too!
Love you!

CC said...

Hi, Jody!
It really is a lot of work, but I love the end result!
I made all the blocks first and then figured out where to put them. I ended up having to make up a couple extras to fill up space 'cuz I didn't measure my pieces. I just ripped 'em to whatever size I had. I sewed them together before I added the strap.
I used some embroidery floss and perle cotton. I like the perle cotton. I think it's more expensive, but it's shiny & I had a bunch leftover! I can't remember if I got it at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I just picked like 6 main colors & mixed 'em all up on the blocks & when sewing them all together.
Good luck with your project!