Wednesday, March 21, 2012

July Witch's Rune

Once upon a time...well, a long time ago...I started a beaded piece using Witch's Runes as my subject.  One for each month.  Well, I finally just finished the one for July!  I have August left to go for the 12 months, then I have an All Seeing Eye to make for the middle.  You can see the sketch in the pic below.  Here's a pic of the July off-loom beaded piece:
This rune stands for the Sun.  It's funny 'cuz the quote in the book at the beginning of the chapter says "One goal perfectly imagined is one goal eventually achieved".  That's how I feel about my at a time.  From Susan Sheppard's Book, "Witch's Runes", this rune conveys how the healing and abundant light of the sun is essential.  The nourishing rays stand for strength, fertility, creativity, & healing.  Drawing this rune implies a break in darkness, or a breakthrough.  The Sun also represents the ability to draw to you what you need to overcome obstacles.  The Sun rune stands for that one big goal, not the more trivial interests of your life.  It's also a time of fun & levity.  This rune is always a good omen & means something of value is coming your way.  Go for the gold!

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