Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And while I've been busy...

...DH got the loom & crochet bug!  
Here's some pics of what he's been doing.
Looming a hat for his auntie
Finished granny square lapghan for his auntie
Latch hooking
Back of latch hooked pillow
Front of latch hooked pillow
He looks sleepy!
DH with some of the loomed and crocheted items he made
DH trying on a scarf & showing his round loom
A HUGE granny square afghan he made himself

Wrapped up in his afghan

Granny square blanket & two hats for his great nephew
There are a BUNCH more hats & scarves he's made.  
I just picked a few to share!
I love living with a co-creator!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I'm catching up!  
Here's some pics from Valentine's Day:
DH dipping strawberries, bananas & Kettle chips in chocolate
Beautiful Tulips
Valentine cookies he made for me
Cards I made for him
A crocheted heart card he made for me
What more could anyone ask for?
We are loved!

Creation Vacation!!

So, what have I been working on for 3 months?  Besides the other stuff you'll see on my blog, I've been making a book bag for a pal of mine.  (Actually it started as a cover but it morphed into a bag!)  It was her birthday, she retired & is travelling to Artfest in WA state.  So I hope she can use it.  And I hope she likes it!  Here's some pics of the process:
Baste & stuff block
Make a rolled edge around block
Randomly quilt block

Stitch blocks together
Deciding where to put blocks
Stitching on the hemp strap DH made for me
Strap & bag stitched closed
Latch hooking around base of strap
Adding a special shell from Kaua'i
Getting journal & card ready to go in bag
Finished front of bag
Finished back of bag
This bag is special to me & I hope to my pal.  All the blocks are made from fabrics we traded with each other.  So there's a little bit of both of us in this.  Plus the special loomed hemp strap my DH did and one block that another pal wanted to include.  
I had sworn I'd never make another quilted purse or cover, but then I saw this process in various books I have as well as on Teesha Moore's site.  You can see more of her site here.  This is the last year she will be at Artfest.  I also used other ideas from the books I had.  But I think this may be the last one I make!!!!!  They are very time consuming, but this is filled with lots of love!  Even if it's wonky!

What I eat to stay healthy

Saw this on Dr.'s Ezekiel Bread
topped with mushed avocado,
fresh squeezed lemon juice & 
fresh cracked pepper.
No matter how many mornings I eat this, I still love it! 

2011 Christmas

I love Christmas and the holidays!
All the lights, colors, smells, tastes... here's a look at part of our holiday this year:
DH put up lights in our downstairs windows
Here's the red
Here's the white

Hard to see but these are blue
Our tree this year
A beautiful crocheted pouch
from the aunt of my pal in Malaysia
A beautiful quilled card my pal made us.
You can see more on her site here.

A Christmas Angel
Cookies and Milk for Santa
And Carrots for the Reindeer

By Golly, they ate some!
Happy Snowman
Happy Snowwoman!

Happy DH with new shirt!
From my Secret Santa
I LOVE Ellen!
Ron with his onion soup crocks
Ron with some gifts from his Secret Santa
My incredible symbol book
Santa's Workshop
Freddy and Nell
There were SO many more pics of ornaments & gifts.  
It was hard to only choose a few!
We are truly blessed!

First Pinon Tree

In December we got our first tree for our back yard. 
We decided to get a pinon 'cuz we love the nuts.
Here it comes:
DH digging a BIG hole
DH watering our new tree...we call it Russell
And the very next day...

He's doing just fine!