Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bead Journal Project

When I first saw BJP in my inbox I thought "What is Peanut Butter & Jelly doing in here?" Then I realized that I had transposed the letters. The email was really from Robin Atkins! I am honored to be officially a participating member of the Bead Journal Project! Each of us artists will make a beaded piece a month...any size, any subject, any theme...just our personal bead art. I am really excited about this project! I've just finished up some commissions, & am just ending a journal swap, so this was a wonderful new direction to take on the journey. I am honored to be in this group hanging out with some of the best bead artists! I'm sure I'll be asking for alot of help! :) More to come as we progress...we start June 1st! Woo hoo!


soul at play said...

Hi CC,

just read your post on the BJP blog and thought I'd come over and see your blog, I'm new to blogging too... I've been posting for a few months now but still have a lot to learn, the standard of my photos leaves a lot to be desired... looking forward to this year long project that we have committed to..

best wishes

artandtea said...

Aloha! Read your post on the BJP blog and wanted to come say hi. I've been to Hawaii twice and thought it was such a beautiful, magical place. I can close my eyes and imagine all of the inspiration that lies right outside your front door. Happy Beading!

JoTee said...

I am so happy that you are now blogging & sharing your "creative path"...especially with beads.

You got me hooked :-O)

JoTee said...

Bead ? for the Bead Queen?
When we do the journal pages what & how do we start it on?

Newbie beader's need to know.


JoTee said...

Oh & I forgot to mention the size or sizes I am trying to decide on,

ATC or 4x6...what size are you going to work on??