Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi all!
Thanks to all who figured out, or knew, how to make a comment on my blog! And for all the emails from those who sent 'em out to me personally! This is gonna be fun!
Some of you asked if this is going to just follow the beading project I'm doing at the moment. Nope...I'm gonna tell you all the gory details of every little thing I do! Just kidding! It's about my adventures in art...and the Bead Journal Project finally gave me the impetus to do this blog thing.
I also want to thank those who welcomed me to the project. I think we're gonna have a great time!
Have a safe Memorial Day weekend, for those of you in the States...and blessings to all! We're heading up to Kokee...the mountainous area of Kauai for the holiday! See you all next week!


freebird said...

What do you mean "those of you in the states"? You are in one of those states too! ;-)

My brother lives in your state but not on your island; he's on Maui.

If only we could all send our JOY to the troubled parts of this world. What a place it would be then! Looking forward to sharing the project with you.

Anonymous said...

CC- You rock. You are the best thing to hit West Kauai since Hurricane Iniki! Hugs to you and the mister.