Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back from the Long Weekend

Aloha to all who stopped by & said hi! Someone wanted to know if I knew I was living in one of the states! I do know! ;) I just wanted to wish my friends in other parts of the world a good weekend too!

We were at a camp up in the mountains of Kokee. If you do a Google Image search on Kokee, you can see some of the beautiful scenery I got to enjoy. Living closer to the ocean, it feels nice, especially at this time of year, to go up into the mountains to get a break from the heat.

Today I get back to my projects. At a future time I'll post some of the other arts & crafts I've been doing. The Bead Journal Project starts Friday, so I need to finish up some stuff today & prep for that. I have SO many ideas! It's hard to narrow it down to just one. It's such a blessing to be able to do work you love!

Hoping we all can pass on a little peace, love & joy!

With aloha,


P.S. Above is a pic I took last year. This year it was all blue skies!


JoTee said...

Oh boy, your back, I always enjoy all the stories that you any to tell...hugs Jody

Anonymous said...

Aloha CC! I live on Oahu and joined the Bead Journal Project, too. I LOVE the rainbow photo you posted! I live on the Leeward side of the island - rain and rainbows are unfortunately rare, even though I live back in a valley. Looking forward to beading with you!
Warm wishes, NancyC

CC said...

Aloha Nancy!
I'm glad you love the photo! We also live on the leeward dry! But when we go up to Kokee, we get to see pretty things like this! I'll have to check & see if you have a blog & visit!
Happy beading!