Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tin Goddesses?'s a new project I'm working on for my shop. I looked online & in books for different goddess shapes & sketched some out & made patterns. I've had pals saving me their Altoid tins instead of tossing them. I want to make little goddesses to go in their tin shrines. I'm just not sure what to call them! Anyway, it was a really interesting thing to study...these ancient forms. There is even an ancient pecked owl goddess in France! So I included a silhouette of it. Maybe you can pick it out in the picture. I also made some forms/patterns of my own! I have some molded, painted faces, felt, beads, charms, etc. for each of these beauties & their shrines. Should be fun...any help with a name would be appreciated! ;)


heidibeads said...

CC - this looks like fun. Goddess Shrines or Alters are always good things. I did one for Our Lady of Guatalope, I used diamond glaze for the outside to seal it. It was fun and meditative at the same time. I hope you'll show us one when it's done. Love your work. Heidibeads

CC said...

Oh, I know it will be fun! I wouldn't do it if it wasn't!!! ;D
OOOOoooo, do you have pics to share of yours??? It would be fun to see! Share! Share!!!

freebird said...

Spirits of the Tins! I'll have to check back and see more of these. I bought some Altoids just to get the tins but boy, are they strong! Good thing it's the tin I wanted.

Ritual said...

oooers, very cool!!! I love your idea of giving htem a home!