Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tin Goddesses

Speaking of goddesses, I've been working on some for my etsy shop, but still haven't decided on a name for them. I've also found it really different to be beading on felt after this last year of beading on Timtex! Wow! It's so soft, but also floppy! It's a good thing I used an air dry lightweight clay to make the face cab! There's no way it would've held up a polymer cab! So here's a couple pics:

In the first picture, you can see part of one of the stacks of tins my pals have been saving for me. Plus I've been using them to hold the patterns, the project dolls & some embellishment beads, charms & sequins. I can take just a couple tins on the road with me to work on! OOOoooo, and I just bought the softest 100% cotton stuffing! Can't wait to try it on these & my hearts!


CC said...

Ooops! I still don't have this all down yet. I thought I published Ritual's comment, but somehow it never showed up here! So I'm cutting & pasting it! :) Here it is:

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oooers, very cool!!! I love your idea of giving htem a home!

Posted by Ritual to CC's Art Blog at April 26, 2008 7:51 PM

freebird said...

I kind of see where you are headed with these. I'll be back. This is interesting. Just what kind of air dry clay can you make cab faces out of? I wouldn't think paper would do very well and don't know what else there is out there. I have a lightweight sculpey which needs baking but is light. That should work too.

CC said...

Aloha freebird!
I use Hearty Super Lightweight Modeling Clay. It's air drying, soft, no kneading, no baking...just air dries...although in Hawaii, it can take awhile! ;) I've used it before in making cabs for use on lightweight items. But use it all up as it will dry out if left out!! :)