Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gotta Go!

Well, Ron (DH) & I had our summit meeting. We looked at what's gone on this last year & decided we were happy about some things, unhappy about others, & some things we wanted to change. We believe that if you aren't happy doing something, don't do it!

So, I have decided to close my etsy shop after the listings run out. We both don't like selling, but love to create. There's a story online that has inspired us for many years. You can see it here. I hope the link works! If not, here's the site to copy & paste:

This so much more describes how we like to work. After making this decision, I felt so free! I could create for the love of it, not for a store or to chase money! So, since I'm not concerned right now with the selling of things, I am spending most of my time in the studio making what comes from my heart! And I have been creating so naturally the longer I spend in there working! I don't know why we didn't do this before! :) We are a little slow with certain things!

Anyway, hopefully some day we'll have a place to put all of the wonderful things we're creating! But in the mean time, we are happily playing in our studio/workshop!!! Wish us luck!

P.S. Huckleberry Hut is still up and running! We still are enjoying that! ;)


JoTee said...

Follow your heart & the rest will follow.
Sometimes I think keep making things & stock pile & then just maybe give as gifts, or perhaps sell.
Main theme thou is to have fun in the process & not feel pressured.

freebird said...

I agree. I tried making handmade cards for a niece who wanted them for her hypnosis therapy business. I got one batch done and quit. I felt too much pressure trying to please her, keep my costs down so she'd feel like she wasn't being overcharged and on and on. It wasn't fun at all nor was it productive. I couldn't get the money out of the time I spent so without fun and money why do it? I'll stick to fun and enjoy what I do.