Saturday, August 23, 2008

Project Done & more to Do!

So I got another project done. This one is another wealth talisman:
AND, here's a big project waiting on me to finish! I need to paint all of these faces I molded so they'll be RTG for art dolls & other projects! Whew! It's been a fun, creative time in the studio lately!


purplepaint said...

Hey CC - I'm one of the new ones on BJP this year and feel exactly like you do! I can't wait to get started! I'm just trying to decide on size and which topic to do first!!! You do awesome work! I don't think I'll be starting out with that many beads... :) Marva

vintage moon studio said...

Hi - I am also new to the BJP this year... I have so many ideas swimming around it will be hard to settle on just one! You have a lovely blog and wonderful bead work - looking forward to following your project. I also plan on having a link on my sidebar once things get underway - hope you'll visit! Deb