Friday, November 28, 2008

Art Journal

Back to my art journal again! On this page I meditated before I started. I'm trying to show the "energy" in all the things I see. It started out with ME doing it the way I was taught. Hmmm....then I "listened" & put in colors I never would normally put in. It felt different, but I'll get used to it. Just a beginning...
And here's what I've done the last few days during my birthday & after Thanksgiving. Would rather be doing this than shopping! :)

Here's a closer pic of each page. I'm really enjoying getting back into this.

BTW, that mouse was from a picture I found of a puppet from the classic "The Elves and the Shoemaker". Somewhere in the U.K. they put this show on with these great puppets! Love it!


Nancy said...

Very that how you are feeling? It's great to read between the lines and know how happy you are with the art you are doing now. Keep on danci girlfriend12


CC said...

Not whimsical as much as learning to let go...not holding on to all my training & let my heart just feel what it feels. Which is pretty joyful! ;)
"Peace is every step" travels in India, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Your journal is becoming a real work of art, I am really jealous of your talent. Watercolours just turn to mud for me.

CC said...

Thanks! It's funny, 'cuz I was a horrible watercolor student! I gave up after the first sememster, but now I love it! Go figure!
Warmest blessings,

heidibeads said...

I love the energy that you see and feel. The mouse is a cutie, too. Does it ever snow in Hawaii? Your art journal is indeed becoming a real piece of art. I too am a watercolor mud maker!

freebird said...

Well Happy Birthday CC. I'm 55 as of 11/15. I like your new paintings. I'm trying to draw but haven't done any watercolor painting yet. Your snowglobe is cute. That's one way to have snow there.

CC said...

Hi heidibeads & freebird! Sorry it's taken so long to answer, but I had some kinda bug & was on antibiotics. Zapped! Anyway, better now & trying to catch up while enjoying the holiday season!
Yes, it does snow in Hawaii...on Maui & Big Island. There are mountains there that are high enough to get snow. I've been to Haleakala on Maui & it's COLD!!! I'll have to check in with your blogs to see how you're doing!
Warmest aloha!