Saturday, November 15, 2008

November BJP

My November BJP was done a little while ago, but I forgot to post it on my blog! Go figure! Life happens!
So...this month's rune is Harvest! Just happens to be a very synchronistic rune with the state of the economy in our country! This rune depicts the abundance of essential grains ready to be harvested. It signifies all kinds of fortune, good luck, and bounty, especially around career or material gain. (Wow! Lessons for me!) Others read this rune as the straw that is cut to make the witch's broom, an earthy object that magically carries the witch across velvety black skies, across space and time and the obstacles that leave her earthbound.
This rune predicts rewards and benefits of the most excellent kind. It brings into your life what is absolutely essential to your well-being, growth & happiness. The blessings the Harvest Rune gives can only expand while nourishing body, soul, & spirit in this time of positive change. (Another synchronicity?) :)
This rune indicates that what you've worked so hard to achieve will finally bear fruit & probably in a bigger way than you expected. Think abundance, increase, and fruitfulness & go on from there. Whatever you begin now will only grow & flourish. Obstacles are being lifted, paving the way toward many of your greatest hopes & dreams!
The secret behind the blessings relies entirely upon how much you are willing to work & generate positive energy in order to manifest these blessings. If you put forth a genuine effort, you can expect fortunate results & some even beyond your wildest dreams!
This is a definite green light rune! But use these positive developments wisely & avoid risks of overspending, mindless thrill seeking & meaningless pleasures. It may also be a time that spiritual seekers meet an important teacher, a sympathetic judge, or a helpful guide that will help you embark on a right course of action through humor or wisdom.
Happier days are ahead for you! You are quite likely to get your wish! (And it's my birthday month! Yahoo!) This is the most positive rune of all! It indicates the spirit of protection & good fortune. You can expect doorways to open, lucky developments, shining achievements, recognition, awards & accolades. Look for unexpected gifts, pleasant surprises, & situations which work out in your favor. This rune always represents gains, expansion, and easy flow as far as your goals are concerned. Look for an opening which sets you on the right path, giving thanks & receiving thanks, expansion as well as excess & exaggeration. Other benefits may have to do with buying & selling property, blazing a new path, carving a niche or corner in the market, as well as all manner of fortunate events! (Here comes our own home!!!)
Now is the time when many of your cherished dreams will finally be realized. Always a good omen! Wow!!! I'm taking this one! :)
The traditional stone for this month is topaz. There are different colors of topaz. I have a blue topaz ring, but wanted to go with a more traditional light yellow topaz for the background. However, the only bead I had that was similar, was a silver lined gold bead! Well, I think that's pretty appropriate considering the meaning of the rune! And I'd picked it before I even read the meaning. I picked a contrasting color that's kinda lapiz lazuli. Gems all the way around! What a great rune!
(Again, this info comes from "A Witch's Runes", by Susan Sheppard)


heidibeads said...

CC - Happy Birthday! I wish you all that the Harvest Rune offers and more - seems like you're on your way from your other post about going back to basics. Love the Rune - my favorite (so far).

CC said...

Thanks! I just caught you on my lunch break! It's my favorite too! All those blessings! Woo hoo! I wish you all the same!
Warmest aloha,

Robin said...

I really like this rune and it's so appropriate both for the month and for the times in general... We need the toss of this one! Very nicely done and great colors...

Robin A.

CC said...

Thanks, Robin!
I like this one too! And since I wait for the month to read 'em, it's always a surprise!
Warmest aloha,

freebird said...

Oh I like this rune. Thanks for sharing all about it.