Friday, November 28, 2008

Bi-monthly swaps

Just finished a journal swap with a pal here in the neighborhood. We decided we wanted to continue, but do something else. So we made a list of things we "could" do, & then we choose to do 3 or 4 to for each of us, & one or two to give away. My pal made me some beaded "inchies", and I gave her some small watercolor cards. But something's wrong with my camera & I keep getting a smudge mark or two in my pics. Sometimes I can crop 'em out, but not in this one. So if you see something that looks smudged in future posts, that's why!


freebird said...

Both the card and the inchies look wonderful. After a year of journal swapping I can see you'd enjoy doing something different.

CC said...

Oh, freebird, that's so true! I was ready for a break! :)