Friday, April 23, 2010

CC's Shabby Sachets

Y'all know I just love hearts!  They're my favorite motif!  So I have all these bits of fabrics, vintage laces, beads, painted fabric from pals, etc & just had to do something with them.  So I started making these Shabby Sachets.  They are not seamed, just cut out and sewn together...Shabby Style.  I stuffed them with a little stuffing & some lavender.  I have a ton leftover from Purple Haze I have to use up!  They smell so good, & I really relax as I hand sew each heart with love, of course!


JoTee said...

I love these, I can smell the lavender from here.
Bet your farmers market there will have "lavender" for sale!!

matilda said...

che meraviglia questi cuoricini, mi piace moltissimo quello bianco con il verde,
ti abbraccio matilda