Thursday, October 10, 2013

Strathmore online classes

Strathmore has a site where they offer free classes.  They promote their products this way and get to see new art work.  I took a class on greeting cards with two instructors.  One was Jane LaFazio.  You can see her work at and the other was the fun Joanne Sharpe.  (Remember her Whimspirations site at  Anyway, they were both wonderful instructors with very different styles.  Jane teaches you how to really SEE what you are drawing and is more realistic.  Joanne teaches you how to interpret what you see in a loose, doodly, fun way.  They were both inspiring!  Here are some lessons from their classes:

Card and postcard backgrounds ready for lettering
 One with lettering...the inside says "Smile!"
The Wizard
There are a lot more, but this is a sampling!


Jody said...

I love the potoree idea....what a great gift to you hugs Sis

CC said...

Hi, Sis! I think the roses were a great gift from Ron! ;) And he just started me with a new dozen to make my next batch! :) You'll have to smell it when you visit!
Love you!