Thursday, October 10, 2013

What have we been doing all summer???

Well, let's start with Ron!  He spent most of the summer outside landscaping, working in the garden & building a new shed for his tools!  His garden was such a success, we gave bunches of tomatoes to all our neighbors & pals!  We're down to his teeny pumpkin patch right now, but it was all wonderful.  The following are some pics:
Early garden & raking up berms

First tomatoes with medicine wheel in background
 Flower bed with bougainvillea and petunias 
Lots of various tomatoes
 Black Hollyhock
 Pots of geraniums and herbs
 Pink Hollyhock
Volunteer squash?  Pumpkins?
 More veggies & potted herbs & flowers

 Getting to the end of the harvest

And now for his shed!

 Peek a boo!  Can you see him?

 2 man job done by one man!
 Tools starting to fill the shed

And then the end of the harvest
Volunteer sunflower from bird seed!
 Marigolds that protected the tomatoes
 The squash on the left was great!
And the pumpkins on the right are now almost ready to harvest!

It was a great season!!!


TheHappyEnchalata said...

you are missed! hugs and love!

CC said...

Miss you guys too!