Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Wow!  Time flies!  I had no idea today was my Blogoversary.  Ah, well.  Been busy trying my best to get well & be creative at the same time.  So no gifts this time...but maybe you can use the tutorial below, in a previous post, to get some inspiration!
I will be taking an online class in June.  You can see the artist at her blog:  I'm hoping to loosen up my art some.  After June hopefully I'll have some new artwork to share with you!
Until then, have a wonderful summer!
And don't forget our veterans this Memorial Day!


Jody said...

Oh My Oh My Goodness I just LOVED everything on your latest blog post!! The pictures are wonderful of the back yard and the dream pillow I know your sister loved it...I know it is hard to keep up with a blog, takes time and great patience and you my Dear Sis do a super job!!! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us...Love you hugs sis

mAtilda said...

oh CC, I'm really really really happy to see you back again.
I ambrace you and kiss.

Annie Kyhl said...

Hi Lady Minerva.
Wow - that's a big project Ron has started in. But it looks fantastically. I see what you mean when you say that there is dry in NM. On the other hand, there are so hot that you can grow tropical plants - that we can not here in Denmark.
Love you ♥

CC said...

Hi, Lady Annie!
Yup, Ron's got a lot of work ahead of him, but he loves to play in his garden! He's like a little boy with his toys!
And yes, it is dry here! We are going to try to plant some more native plants as they take less water.
You can grow a garden there tho'? Or do you need a greenhouse? LMK!
Love you!

CC said...

Oh, my dear Matilda! Thank you for welcoming back! I will try to do more as I am able! I embrace & hug you too!
Love you!

Oh, mio cara Matilda! Ringrazio per l'accoglienza indietro! Cercherò di fare di più come sono capace! Io abbraccio & ti abbraccio troppo!
Ti amo!

CC said...

Thanks Sis Jody!
I'm glad you enjoyed my posts! :)
My sis did love her dream pillow, not so much her husband! tee hee
Wish I could do it more. I will try. But probably after my class in June!
Love you!