Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dream Pillow

May 2013
My dear little sister saw one of these and wanted a Dream Pillow of her own.  She said she'd even pay me to make her one!  Well, I decided to make her one for her birthday.  She liked it, but not sure about her hubby!  LOL!  The herbs are sleepy time herbs & not as "sweet" as some would like!  Here's some pics of the process:
First I readied the materials I'd use.
Then I trimmed the felt to size.
I used a disappearing ink pen to draw in the sun.
You may have to click on the pic to see it.
I stitched the outline of the sun.
Then added yellow rays to the sun.
Added some orange rays to the sun.
Then I sewed up 3 sides of the pillow.
Separated 7 different herbs and spices into wooden bowls.
Used my spoons from Turkmenistan to scoop herbs.
Here's a close up of the 7 herbs and spices I used.
The herbs and spices I used were chamomile flowers, 
lavender, patchouli leaf, cinnamon chunks, 
whole coriander, pink rose buds, and cloves.  
Do you know which is which in the pic?
I added some alpaca batting to the bottom edge & sides.
Then I added the herbs and spices.
Added more alpaca batting after hiding a couple shells
and some beach glass among the herbs & spices.
Sewed the top closed and the pillow was ready to mail
Hope you enjoyed this small tutorial!


Anonymous said...

And it's an awesome dream pillow! Love seeing how it was made too. You are so creative and I am so lucky that you spoil me! Thank you so much... can't wait to see what incredible dreams come to now! :) Love you!

CC said...

Hey Anonymous little sister! Glad you liked it! Happy dreams!
Love you too!

lynndamya said...

Wow, looked so cute ! :D u're so creative..
i'm also had something tiny stuff to share to you :

Thank you ! :D

CC said...

I'm glad you liked the Dream Pillow. My sister liked it too! Now I'll check out your blog!

Christy Hartman said...

I spent some time on your blog tonight and it is amazing!!!! It will take me some time to really enjoy all of it. Your journal and illustration work is incredible. What a delight and what a fantastically talented artist you are. I am a fan. Thanks for sharing.

CC said...

Hi, Christy! Glad you like my blog. Thank you for the sweet comments! We are a mutual fan community! ;) Visit anytime, but don't get tired out!
Ciao, Bella!