Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long time no see! Or read!

So I'm gonna try to catch up on some of the things that have been going on in my life since...well, too long ago!  Ha!  I'll try not to put them all in one post so there's not a bunch of confusion.  ;)  Let's start with the end of 2012!

The first one is my Birthday 2012!!!  Here are a couple pics from that special day:
Some lovely birthday gifts, cards & food!
And here's a special doll a dear friend made me!
I called her Blue Margarita!
She also made me one before that I called Pink Champagne!
And, since I really don't like cake,
here's a piece of my birthday pie!
Check out that great crown candle holder!
All in all it was a wonderful day!  And I'm still in my 50s!  :)

Then it was time for Cookie Day!  This year I didn't take pics of all the cookies. But I did take pics of a few hot air balloons that decided to take to flight that day!  Here's a couple pics:
This one you have to enlarge 'cuz they're in the distance.
Except for the one just to the left of the house you see.
Just click on the picture!
Here you can see the first balloon starting to descend.
Sure looked close to the bosque!

Then shortly after that it was the Solstice & Christmas 2012!  We didn't do our regular big tree this year.  Just decided on a simple celebration of the light of the season.  Here's a couple pics from then:
Check out my little mice candle holders.  
They're reading!  One of my favorite pass times.
Outside we had paper farolitos/luminarias and 
our circle of friends candle holder.
It was a very sweet time for us!

And that's all there is for the end of 2012!
Hope you all are having a great New Year!

On to the next post...

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