Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ron's 70th Birthday!

This was during March 2013...

My oh my!  It's hard to believe my DH is 70!  I decided to make him a scrapbook with notes, cards & pics from his family & friends.  So I sent out an email & had everyone send their stories, wishes, memories to my sis in WA state so he wouldn't suspect anything.  Then she sent me all of them in one box!  (Thank heaven for good little sisters!)  :)  I got busy with the book I called "A  Little Rough Around the Edges"!  Here's some pics of the process:
Set up on a table with pages, letters, stickers,
stamps, inks, cut-outs, glue, etc.!
First page...A Little Rough Around the Edges.
And there was a lot of overflow in the studio!
And here's one of Ron reading each page!
And he really did read each page!
He also got a new pal for the year!
And of course he made a wish!
Thanks to everyone who helped make his birthday special!

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