Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

So this year we're making some new ornaments for Huckleberry Hut. We take the bark from the Black Wattle tree, an invasive pest here, cut strips & form them into shapes. We let them dry. Meanwhile we gather the beach glass we've collected & do some wire wrapping around them. Add a colorful Christmas ribbon & you have an earth friendly ornament! Gosh! How many days to Christmas? Ack!


JoTee said...

I love these ornaments, using recycled glass is way cool....huggies

freebird said...

I really like these. My sister loves Hawaii but is living with her son in Japan right now (she's newly widowed). She goes by Queen Tutu! and you remind me of her with your stressing of the JOY of living. How much are you charging for these? I might send one to her for Christmas. I'll check back for a price, okay?

CC said...

Thanks, Jo!
And Freebird, email me at
We only wholesale these here, but I'm sure we could work something out!
With aloha,