Friday, October 19, 2007

Improv Unleashed!

Wow! I have no idea where I'm going, but it sure is fun!
After getting some wonderful advice, I let go. Decided, after all, it's just a piece of beadwork! (Thanks Robin & everyone!) I remember from art school being told "It's just paper!" This was the same connection I needed to make! So I started to walk from the kitchen toward my studio & happened upon 5 pieces of plain beach glass that were sitting on the ledge. Hmmm...guess I hadn't put them in the container. So I grabbed them & brought them with me. I had been thinking of the elements, Samhain, magick...well, I just stuck 'em down & went at it. Then it just felt right adding the big bead I got years ago...and lines just swirled from there! I really don't know what will happen next, but it's really alot more fun when you can let go! Yea!!!
Hope you all have a fun weekend! See you next Friday! Aloha!


Nancy said...

Cec -what is the gold piec4e made from? I REALLY like this one! You go girl!


KV said...

Looking good, CC -- this will be gorgeous . . .

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

YES!!!!! Before I even read your post, looking at the picture the words electric and magic came to mind. You certainly did get unstuck! Yay!

JoTee said...

Fantastic!!! huggies

artandtea said...

I love your gold piece! She looks so beautiful and serene, watching the magical beading grow around her. -Karen

freebird said...

You are doing a wonderful job. What a great way to "pick" the next beads for your piece.

CC said...

Hi & thanks all!
Nancy: molded face from polymer
KV: hoping so! :)
Robin: thanks!
Jo: Smooches!
Karen: Blush! Thanks!
Freebird: I guess I'm learning improv!
With aloha to all!