Friday, October 12, 2007

Stuck, Stumped & Stupefied! I started out LOVING this month's BJP piece! I had my beautiful face cab & my base all RTG!!! I knew I'd have to use freeform peyote around the cab 'cuz it was really uneven. Got that done. Then I added the special sign. Finally added the border of gold. NOW WHAT??? I did the poem & wrote all the words for October, but I don't know where to go from here. Here's a pic of the beginning of the week:

And here's one after the border was added:

Now I don't know what to do! I know I want the owl feather hanging from it on the final board, but I'm just not getting any leading to a bead, charm, embellishment....nothing. So I think I'll take a break over the weekend & start anew on Monday! Going to the Pow Wow tomorrow...maybe I'll get some inspiration there!

Just an FYI, here's where I got the face cab mold! I just love her molds!!!


Robin said...

You have a fabulous start, CC. This happens to me and most of my students fairly frequently, but it will pass. Putting away a piece for a bit when you get stuck is one good tactic for getting unstuck. And here are a couple more:

Pick up a bead or feather or doodad that you love, and sew it on somewhere.

Remind yourself that this is only a piece of beadwork, and that it doesn't have to be perfect.

Start anywhere, with something that is compelling to you in some way, consciously or unconsciously.

freebird said...

You said your last page was the first time you tried to bead without planning it all out and it seems you are doing it this time too. I think you aren't comfortable with this technique yet. Sometimes sleeping on it helps (I got up this morning and just knew what I needed to do to finish my August page). If you aren't comfortable with placing a bead just anywhere, how about spreading out from your cab? Do as Robin says and pick some bead or color you love or that feels good with the cab surrounding and start there. I hope you get past your block soon as this has a great start to it.

CC said...

Hi, Robin & Freebird!
Going to the powwow helped alot! I'd been in the house for days & really needed a break! And guess what? The costumes were full of beads!!! Beautiful beads!!! And the moccasins! Suddenly I felt much better!
These pages are the first time since reading Robin's book, that I've done improvisational beading in a group project...but somehow, because it's a public project, I sometimes get stuck. When I did it before this project, just for myself, I didn't get stuck! I think Robin is right about remembering that it's just a piece of beadwork & doesn't have to be artistically perfect! Dang those rules! :)
I really do have a hard time w/o making plans! I think part of it is that I like the planning stage! :) But I am ready to get back to it tomorrow!
Mahalo nui loa!
With aloha,

Dorris said...

I carry some of the beads I am considering using around in my pocket and from take them out and fiddle with them. Seeing them in a different light,in a different mood, or in different surroundings can give a whole new direction of thought.
- of course I have learned it is VERY important to always check my pockets while doing laundry ;-)

CC said...

Thanks, Dorris! I'll remember to try that! And tell my DH to be careful with the laundry! :)
With aloha,

peggy said...

peCC, I can't believe you made it across the Waimea bridge to Kapaa side - and Matt and I were up the mountain the other way. When I'm stuck, I either play with my beads until one jumps into my hand, or I ask for a dream of them and where they want to be. If you listen closely, the beads will tell you where they want to go. (Or your husband will take pity on you and make dinner because you are talking to your beads and he is worried about your sanity.)

vivage said...

Something that almost always gives me a kick start is to toss some amount of beads, any color onto my piece.

A pile of green next to the cab - what does that evoke?
What does copper evoke?
How about purples?

Sometimes that color kick is what sparks a great idea.