Friday, February 1, 2008

The Beachcomber's Cuff

Decided to make a cuff for my shop...I have other things to put into inventory, but just had to start this! Here's a couple pics to show where I'm at with it!

It's actually forming as I bead it so I know it will fit over the brass blank. However, I've noticed one thing. I really need some help with photographing my stuff! Or at least with photo editing. None of these snapshots really show the true colors of the bead & shells. They all have different shades in each picture, yet I took them in the same spot under the same light! So I guess when I get caught up, that will be another thing I need to do!


JoTee said...

Beautiful & colorful...the end result I know will be fabulous!

One thing you might try is to pick one or two sections & set your camera to do close-ups, I find that help with colors to.

Check to see what the settings are for your camera, you might be able to do some tweeking.

freebird said...

Are you using natural or artificial lighting? I find if I use natural light from a bright window (yet not sunny) I get the best colors. My true color lamp turns the pictures blue, sunshine turns them yellow.

matilda said...

bellissimo insieme di colori e forme.
ciao, matilda