Friday, February 29, 2008

In the Pink! And Happy Leap Year Day!

If this wasn't leap year, I'm not sure I could've started February's BJP in February! Whew!
So since I was so far behind on January, I decided to make February a little smaller! Duh! ;) In these pics you can see I've painted the Timtex, decided on the focal charm, & checked to see if I have enough of the certain color heart sequins that a special friend here gave to me! I'm feeling really frilly about this one...kinda like those paper hearts you can use under food. So we'll see what happens!
Here's a peak at February:


freebird said...

I like your heart sequins! And every female gets to be frilly once in a while!

I finished January and wanted to start February today but it got to late for that. At least I start tomorrow only one month behind!

JoTee said...

am so glad that your back in the pink & feeling better....I love the heart with the pink hearts.

Anonymous said...
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Kiwi Ellen said...

Perfect for February, your themed pages are so uplifting & fun.

CC said...

Thanks all again!
Freebird...aren't those heart sequins fun? My pal brought them back for me from the mainland! She knows my favorite motif is the heart and I'd use 'em sometime!
Jotee...thanks, sweet Sis! I'm getting there! I think this pink one will be pretty frilly...but we'll see!
Kiwi Ellen...thanks! I really intend to do things joyfully! I'm glad you picked up on that!
Warmest aloha,