Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Creation Vacation!!

After talking with an online class teacher, I realized that I had projects clamoring to get done!!!  Here are just a few of some sample boxes/trays that need to get finished!
These are full of almost finished projects:
One of a series of mixed media beaded projects to finish:
Other misc. beaded projects to finish:
And all the yarn to make into things:
Anyway, she told me that someone once told her that 'artists couldn't organize their way out of a paper sack'!!!  I believe it.  I have so many projects on my "to do" list that I decided to take a Creation Vacation!  I'm really excited about it!  I spend alot of time online, which can be a great tool if used for creativity.  But I was just deleting newsletters and checking out ads!  ACK!  So, one project at a time, I am going to take the next few months to get them done!  Well, to at least attempt to get them done.  And who knows...maybe start some more!  So I will be offline for awhile.  If anyone needs to get ahold of me, please feel free to call and I'll call you back as soon as I can.  Or you could always try my DH!  :)  He loves talking to people!  So I'm covering up my computer and hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season!  Wish me well!


Just Me Jody said...

Dear CC,
Have fun, enjoy, be creative, rest and love and huggie your DH.

Love ya, Enjoy~~

CC said...

Thanks, Sis! I'm already having fun! Just got to finish up some details then I get to sketch this afternoon! Yahoo!
Love you! And hugs to you both!