Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We just had company visiting from Washington state!  We had a really good time!  When they left, they gave us this ristra!  We are drying it out in the sun & bring it in at night.  Once all the Sandia chilis are dry, we will use them this winter to spice up our meals!  They smell wonderful!  Thanks, dear friends!


MoMando and Peaches said...

Hey, watch out for those ristras. many years ago, I had one and brought it inside when 'winter' came. I didn't know that a momma spider had laid some spider eggs in it, and when they were born, they crawled out of the ristra and went into the heating ducts. there were spiders everywhere! little yellowish ones (i think they ate some chili pepper). Akk!

CC said...

Hi Guys! Good to see you!!!
We'll be careful with the ristra! We had that happen to us in HI, when we first had a Christmas tree! They were everywhere! So we'll check it before we bring it inside! Ick! Hope all is well with you both!
Love you!