Monday, July 9, 2007

Art Journal Swap

So an art pal & I decided we'd do a journal swap. Easy to say on an island! Ha! Just try to find a spiral bound watercolor journal! The pal beats me to the one craft store on the island & buys out the store! So by the time I get to it, there are only 8X10 watercolor pads. I buy them out (sorry whoever comes next!) & bring them home to make my own journal. The store is out of binder rings also, so I have to use 2 giant rings from tag swaps I've been in previously! I use the board the pads came on to make the covers. Covered them in fancy green & lavender paper. Then I punched holes in all & decorated the front. I also made a book thong for it. So this is how it will stay until I can get some smaller rings...or maybe I'll find some pretty ribbon! :)

Inside pages with book thong and one of the fabric beads I made as well as JOY beads

Completed art journal

Up close the crown says CREATE, & the fabric beads I made have CC beads added to them!

Now on to the first entry...we swap on Wednesday!!! Aack! ;)


JoTee said...

wow this looks way cool...she is one lucky lady you are swaping with ....hugs Jo

the goddess said...

Cool. Did you know I do art journals too?

CC said...

Thanks, Jo! It was great swapping with you too! ;D
Hey, Goddess!!! No I didn't know you did art journals too, but then you have so many talents! Should one person be allowed that many? But then, you ARE the goddess! Do you do 'em for yourself, or swap with others?
Aloha to you both!

Lillian said...

Isn't it fun making art journals? Your swap partner is lucky :o) Continue having fun CC, Lillian

freebird said...

Okay, okay, I must be coming out of the dark ages. How does an art journal swap work? And what is a book thong? I've used elastic for a book closure but this was inside the book? If you have 18 gauge wire you could wrap it around a bottle form to make new, colored rings for your book in any size you want. 20 gauge might work if you wrap it twice like a key ring. Have a good time.

CC said...

Thanks for the comments & questions! :)
Lillian, it is fun making art journals whether for myself or to swap or for round robins!
Freebird, there are all kinds of art journal swaps & round robins, but not alot of rules. You take a couple people with the desire, & you take turns working in each others art journal. You can have a particular theme if you want. It stretches you sometimes to have to work to another's theme if it's not a fave of yours! You probably could google how to make one, but I've tended to fly by the seat of my pants since I live on an island & have to make do. I'll see if I can post some pics of one of my swaps later!
As for those book thongs...they are decorative book marks that fit over both sides of a page & go down into the crack of the book. (I just KNOW you all have the image now!) You can use a bead stopper at the top & bottom so it doesn't slide around yet still be adjustable to the size of the book. There might be some instructions online.
The reason I didn't totally want to close up the book with wire yet, or even something else, is occasionally I like to take the page out of the book to work on it. These art journals can get pretty chunky with all the embellishments!
Happy creating to you all!
With aloha,

freebird said...

Thanks for answering my questions. Frog just means rip it, rip it! Sounds just like a frog doesn't it? According to Tally's blog it started with knitting and the need to "rip it"! It seems to put a positive spin on the dreaded job!