Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cliche, but can't resist it seems cliche, but I couldn't resist! My shape for July is a flag. The material reminded me of fireworks. The paua shell reminded me of trips to the beach where we USED to find abalone & other shells. Then, the beading, well, it's kinda starting to look like seaweed! Now that's a mainland kind of thing, so I guess I'll have to add some of the tropics later...that is, if my insides go that way. Ya never know!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Had to post today 'cuz was gone all day shopping yesterday. Our island is so small, but only has a 2 lane highway. So it takes FOREVER to get it all done! Tried to find a spiral bound watercolor journal for a round robin, but I'm gonna end up having to make one! on an island!

Here's the pics of the progress on this month's BJP!

Deciding on materials, shape, & colors

Starting to bead around the paua shell

Where I am as of this week...ways to go yet!


Mary Timme said...

The material alone is fun. The cab is interesting. Way to go!

Sunni said...

Hi CC,
I agree with you that looks like fireworks to me also. I can't wait to see where you go with it all. Happy Beading,

abeadlady said...

Love that fabric! It looks like you got off to a good start for July. Can't wait to see it all done.

freebird said...

You are on your way. Perhaps the flag shape in July is a cliche but obviously your work is not going to be a cliche by a long shot! It will be fun to see how you develop your personal flag, considering flags are symbols for something, usually a country or group but why not an individual!

Robin said...

I love freebird's comment... personal flag! Love the fabric too, and the start you've made on it!

Lillian said...

Hi CC,

I love the fabric and I see "fireworks" also. Have fun and can't wait to see what happens :o) Lillian

JoTee said...

I am bummed, you are sooo organized with your beading....don't come to my house....I haven't been able to start July yet...but tomorrow or maybe even tonight....I love what you have started with...for some reason fish keep coming to mind... for we shall see...hugs Jody