Sunday, July 15, 2007

Teacher Mai-Liis Retires Class

Aloha, all!
I just found out that the woman who taught me the wrapped art doll class at Joggles is retiring this class. So if there is anyone who wants to learn how to make one like mine, or like this one she is now teaching, you can contact her at her website. I really enjoyed the online class & found it easy to do. This is her mermaid theme wrapped doll. And once you have the basics, you can go crazy with your own personal I did! :) Thank you , Mai-Liis, for your patience as a teacher.


Robin said...

Beautiful doll with a beautiful face... did you make the face???

CC said...

Hi, Robin!
This mermaid one is Mai-Liis' doll pic for the last class she is giving on this technique. She taught me to make the doll I did that is hanging from sticks, & has the Magic charm. If you hit the label Art dolls, I think it's June 16th at the bottom. That's the one I did. I did a face mold for mine. Not sure what Mai-Liis did for hers.
With aloha,CC

freebird said...

HRH CC I have been tagged by Sue in West WA and now you have been tagged by me! Hope you have fun with this. I thought your upbeat personality would be a plus for this particular meme.

CC said...

Aaack! Freebird!
Does this mean I post it to my blog? And what is a "particular meme"? LMK as I'm new to this blogamania! I did see the questions on your blog...maybe I should answer them there? Aack! :D
With aloha!