Friday, July 20, 2007

Just one other thing I learned

On our Yahoo group we were asked what we learned that week about our BJP piece. Well, I could write a book on this piece! Fabric choice, the weight of beads on a larger piece when encrusted, how impossible it is to know what colors you'll want/need when you are working improvisationally, harder to see dark colors as we age, do stacks last if possible so the thread doesn't get tangled in them, keep your needlenose handy for tight spots....ETCETERA! :) Whew. And it also comes in handy to also be doing something that you are familiar with, & has rules, so you don't feel like you are a totally lousy artist! Gotta remember this isn't about the rules...just gut & heart. So I finally just gave in & said, "I don't care! I'll put this here just 'cuz I like it! Who cares about the rules?" Ignoring that inner art critic, especially an Italian/Norwegian one, can be a tad difficult!

That said, here is my progress for the week:
This is head on

This is from an angle to hopefully see the height

One other thing I learned is that it gets heavy holding larger pieces, so next month will be a smaller size! Hopefully that will help some!
And...thank you Azlina for those black beads in the mail! How did you know I'd need them? ;)


freebird said...

Your page makes me think of a caterpillar out for a stroll on the 4th of July! She's enjoying all those fireworks that were driving you crazy CC. I like it.

Lois B said...

This is looking very good!

ACey said...

I realy love the excitement and verve of the piece.

vivage said...

Love the color, the texture, the vividness of it. Nice!

KV said...

This is cool, CC!

Kathy V in NM

CC said...

Hi all! Thanks for the comments! I really find it interesting what the heck people see in this's not at all what I was thinking about at the time, but I love it!
However, I can't wait to finish it & get on with August! Rocks are coming! ;)
With aloha,

Robin said...

Oh wow!!! I really love this piece! It takes me to the ocean and the beach. It makes me happy. It gives me goosebumps! Thanks for posting the sideways picture, as it's very interesting to see all that height and texture. Yummmmmmm!

CC said...

I gave you goosebumps? ;D Wow! My dh does that for me, but I've not been able to do it for anyone! So YEA!
And you know what? You are the closest so far as to what I was thinking about!
With aloha,

Lillian said...

I love the texture especially CC! It reminds me of beautiful garden paths I've walked :o) Lillian

Bejeweled said...

Love the texture!