Friday, July 10, 2009

Project Bag Problem Solved!

Yahoo! I figured out how to finish this project bag! The crocheted cord I made just didn't slip thru' it well enough. So I decided to find some pretty, yet strong ribbon. And I added a tassel embellishment on the end of the ribbon. It works great! As you can see below, my DH was willing to let me take a pic of him carrying it. (He's so sweet!)
And below you can see how it can attach to a table wherever you want to take it. The strap draws it closed & can also be slung over your arm! Not sure I'll make another one with a knotless netting base, but for sure I will crochet more...maybe different sizes for different projects! Oh, and wait until you see what I'm gonna do with my Grandma's old filet crochet pieces! But that may have to come another time as I'm running out of time here on the island to work! Time is ticking!

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