Sunday, July 5, 2009

Upcycled Experiment Process

OK...below you see the destuffed, cleaned hugables ready to restuff!
And here you see them with their new clean stuffing!
Sewing up the openings...
Ready to be embellished!
And the first embellishment is for Angel, the Amulet for our new home, and a Joy circle for Jolly Mon the Talisman for our new home. Hopefully Jolly Mon will bring us lots of joy, & Angel will give us lots of protection! I can't wait to start beading these guys!!! Yahoo!


JoTee said...

I can't wait till you start working on these.
Last week I found the most beautiful cute "bunny", just have to wash him etc.....then you have to tell me what's next.

Yours truly looked for directions on line but didn't find any, so I guess one just has to begin like we did on the "dolls" that we exchanged, which reminds me, maybe we will do another one this year once you all get settled.

CC said...

Well, I think it will be in NM. I'm gonna mail some stuff to Don's old pals who will hold things for me to work on...can't go a day w/o creating!
I don't think there are directions online...I just saw SpeedieBeadie do 'em & thought I'd try!
Ooooo, another doll exchange would be fun! But definitely once we get settled!
Love you!