Friday, July 10, 2009

Tink is Retiring on Kaua'i!

This is Tinkerbel~my car! She's seen me thru' alot of rough & tumble times as well as some really fun times! But she's decided that she likes it here on Kaua'i & is gonna retire here! I will miss her! But I know she'll find someone who will care for her! Ciao, bella! Enjoy your retirement!


JoTee said...

Dear TinkerBell,
I know your gonna miss your momma, but yor mommas health will be so much better on the mainland, besides you know now you can "flirt" with all those honey's who have been eyeing you..........besides you wouldn't be happy in NM, your an "island chick now" so Tinkerbell be happy for your momma, she loves you & will miss you, but your gonna have a wonderful NEW HONEY takin' care of you babe!!!

CC said...

Fly on...first star on the right & straight on to morning!
I already had a guy answer my Craiglisting...he may come by tonight! I hope he loves her!